Product description: 
"Housing: High-pressure die-casting aluminum housing, external electro-static powder spraying, 5mm thickness heat-proof silicone rubber gasket, pc cover, stainlesss steel screw, easy to replace light source for convenience in maintenance,excellent dazzling light control,
Housing colour: Light Grey, Dark Grey, Black(or specified colour)
"Light distribution: use optical PC lens light distribution technology ,multiple lighting distributions can be available according to demands
Platen design:shelter inner wiring and structure to make appearance consise,secondarily fix the lens on the PCB in case of dropping off during transport
Protection grade:dust-proof and water jet-proof up to IP65 to  meet the work requirements of external environment 

Light Source:  Luxeon 3030
Colour Temperature: 2700k-6500k
Supply Votagle Range: 100-305VAC
System Efficacy:  ≥110 lm/w  

Artical no. Luminaire Type Beam Angle CRI Power(w) Lumen output
Dawson 4101 Highbay 60/90/120 >80 85/100/120 ≥9350
4102 60/90/120 >80 120-150 ≥13200
4103 60/90/120 >80 150-250 ≥16500